Introducing Matchbin

March 24, 2008

Article by: Matchbin

Hello Page Cooperative Member

We are excited to be the newest member of the PAGE Cooperative and thrilled to work with outstanding newspapers like yours. Matchbin works with community-focused newspapers to create a successful online destination for members of local and surrounding communities. Our products cut costs provide additional sources of revenue and simplify classified ad submission. Our new Content Management System is an unparalleled solution for those developing an engaging content driven Web site. All Matchbin communities are locally focused and globally connected.

As a preferred supplier we offer a 15% discount to PAGE Cooperative Members on Matchbin products and services. Our new Community Marketplace Multimedia Edition includes professional video and audio streaming capabilities along with the spectacular core features all Matchbin Web sites provide:

Private labeled Web sites – hosted by Matchbin

1. State-of-art marketplace engine provides fully customizable and branded Web sites
2. Powerful Web site created quickly to your design specifications
3. Product packages and pricing controlled by the Community Marketplace owner
4. Simple to use powerful multimedia online publishing solution that delivers
hyperlocal articles pictures videos and user created content.

Commerce – Facilitates B2C C2C and B2B transactions

1. Seamless integration of online and print classified ads
2. Local business directory creation and search
3. Customizable Web sites for local businesses
4. National and local banner advertising
5. Multimedia advertising via pre-roll and inner stream video overlays

Social – Community Building

1. Member contributing community event calendar
2. Collaborative multimedia online publishing video stories pictures and audio
3. User generated sub-communities such as clubs
4. Blogs Chat rooms cell phone text message notification and chat capability
5. Multiple profile social networking – total control of personal information

Contact us today for more information on how Matchbin can work for you.

Paul Richardson
Senior Sales Executive
Matchbin Inc.