Instantly cut 30% off your current puzzle costs

April 9, 2009

Article by: Theme Crosswords

Myles Mellor Syndicate also known as ThemeCrosswords has recently adjusted its pricing scale to better accommodate PAGE Cooperative members.

In the current economic environment newspaper publishers are looking for ways to cut costs while improving content quality.

Myles is now offering 30% off all your current puzzle costs. Whether your paper uses a daily crossword puzzle sudokus word searches weekly crossword puzzle Sunday crossword puzzle or all of the above you can get the same high-quality content at 30% off your costs.

Current PAGE members using Myles Mellor s puzzles are happy with this service and will give references.

Just contact Myles at and let him know you want 30% off your current puzzle costs. It doesn t matter what you are paying currently Myles is offering PAGE members an instant savings of 30% off.

Myles has published over 4000 crossword puzzles in newspapers magazines and websites all over the world. He regularly supplies over 100 clients with high-quality crossword and other puzzles on a daily weekly or monthly basis so is known for his professional service and highly regarded content.

For more information on his syndicated puzzles please go to: http://www.themecrosswords.con/newspapers.html