Indiana Media Company The Elkhart Truth Selects SAXOTECH for Cross-Channel Publishing Content Management and Cloud Computing

November 30, 2010

Tampa Fla. – December 1 2010 – SAXOTECH a leader in content management circulation systems and advertising solutions announced today The Elkhart Truth (Indiana) has selected the SAXOTECH Mediaware Center and SAXOTECH Online as its content management solution for digital and print publishing.

With a growing need to maximize resources maintain digital channels with breaking news around the clock and still work the assigned daily stories The Elkhart Truth will now be able to manage those demands. The SAXOTECH Mediaware Center along with SAXOTECH Online will provide The Elkhart Truth with a complete publishing solution capable of bringing everyone in the news organization together in one system to plan produce and publish content to multiple print and digital channels.

“We’re no different from any other news organization ” said Greg Halling managing editor The Elkhart Truth. “We need a content management system that allows us to deliver news and information quickly across a variety of platforms. But that’s only part of the equation – we also need a CMS that allows our journalists to achieve their full potential. That’s why we chose SAXOTECH. SAXOTECH is a powerful system that allows us to rethink the way we deliver news. We’re counting on SAXOTECH to help us become more innovative and efficient.”

By enabling streamlined communication and collaboration for the entire production process The Elkhart Truth newsroom can take advantage of unmatched flexibility and production speed for print and digital publishing. The SAXOTECH Mediaware Center will provide visibility into what is being planned and actively worked on allowing editors to consider available resources and align assignments based on the various channels they plan to use.

The Indiana-based media company will take advantage of a high-performance repository within SAXOTECH Online to store all content images text video other multi-media assets and links and deliver it in dynamic templates to all devices or Web sites. With the central resource center to handle story ideas and log events users will always know which resources are being used and by whom.

“The Elkhart Truth is responsible for delivering relevant and timely news across northern Indiana and we are committed to making sure they have the right publishing tools to create a positive interaction with their communities ” said John Pukas vice president business relations SAXOTECH. “With the SAXOTECH Mediaware Center users can organize story candidates manage content and plan to best serve each channel making sure the customer experience is optimized.”

SAXOTECH will provide The Elkhart Truth with new levels of publishing flexibility and enable the media company to maximize the use of all available resources through cloud computing.
By utilizing managed hosting in the cloud The Elkhart Truth has the ability to take advantage of state-of-the-art technology performing at its highest levels without having to make the personal investment in the needed hardware. They also will have the ability to access and use a full production system from anywhere and at any time.

About The Elkhart Truth
The online Elkhart Truth leverages the power and prestige of The Elkhart Truth’s brand. Together The Elkhart Truth and deliver news and advertising information to the local community. Formats such as e-newsletters text wireless and mobile all extend the reach of The Elkhart Truth.’s chief purpose is to deliver and serve the residents of the greater Elkhart area.

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With offices in Tampa Fla Bedford N.H. Laurel Md. and Aalborg Denmark SAXOTECH’s solutions are in use by more than 600 news organizations around the world.