Improve Quality and Reduce Costs

June 4, 2009

Article by: Polkadots Software

Improve Quality and Reduce Costs

Polkadots Software Inc. a PAGE Cooperative Platinum Supplier invites you to a webinar titled "Improve Quality and Reduce Costs" on Wednesday June 17 at 1:00 p.m.EST. .

Join us for a brief but informative session and learn more about some simple cost effective modules that can be easily implemented to improve quality and save you money.

CIP3-it CIP3 Output Plugin will generate a PPF file providing instructions for automatically setting ink fountains on press. CIP3 reader needs to be included with press control systems.

Key-it Digital Ink Key Reports providing Ink Key reports for presses with manual inking. Reports offer single ink key or complete ink ball adjustments in an easy to read format for each set of plates used during plate mounting. In addition Ink Key values can be imaged on the bottom of the plate for easy presetting

Ink-it : Ink saving and Improve Quality. Save on Ink Costs while getting better color reproduction. Ink-it will save you at least 20% in your ink purchase costs.

As an added bonus all registrants can try any of the modules presented during this webinar for free. Register today for this free webinar by clicking here.

NOTE: If this is your first time accessing PAGE Cooperative website you will need to register for an online account. Once your contact information has been verified your account will be activated. If you receive a message that an account already exists please request an email notifying you of your existing logon and password (which then can be changed to your preference).

Once you register online for this webinar you should immediately receive an email confirmation. Also a day prior to the webinar you will receive sign-on instructions by e-mail. A telephone line is needed (for the audio portion) as well as a computer with an internet connection (high speed is recommended) to view the presentation.
If you have any technical questions regarding the webinar please give Debbie Tracy a call at (800) 468-9568 ext. 195 or email at

For more information regarding webinar content and Polkadots Software Inc. prior to the presentation contact Robert Dumas (514) 595-6866 ext. 224 or email at