Impression Inks Introduces Extreme Black

August 8, 2013

Article by: Impression Inks

After extensive research and development Impression Inks is proud to introduce Extreme Black. The Extreme Black has been in development since last fall and we have recently completed the field testing portion of the evaluation process. Utilizing a proprietary vehichle system the Extreme Black is a full 30% stronger than any black ink we have previously produced and we believe it is by far the strongest black produced for use in the newspaper business. We have long term documented mileage increases of 20-30% at several major newspapers. The increase in mileage along with significant reduction in rub offsetting pipe roller and former board build up and misting have all combined to make the overall performance of this product second to none. Additionally pressroom personnel have reported that the ink and water balance of the Extreme Black is far easier to attain and clean ups on start ups and re-starts have all been noticeably faster. These factors lead to reduced waste reduced costs.

Please contact Impression Inks or your local Impression Inks representative to take your printing to the Extreme!