November 20, 2018

Article by: RBP Chemical Technology Inc.

Dirty pressroom got you down? Try our NEW Impact 6005! Actually this product is not new but the low VOC all-purpose alkaline cleaner will have your pressroom looking like new!

Impact 6005 is a water-based cleaner containing only 0.5 pounds per gallon of VOCs in the concentrated form. Our customers use the Impact 6005 to clean everything from concrete floors and side frames to blankets and press parts. The concentrated formula allows for various dilutions allowing the user to remove dirt grease oil and ink from most pressroom surfaces. However this product is not safe to use on fabric or carpet. Impact 6005 can be mixed with up to 4 parts water to clean blankets or 6 parts water to clean press parts and concrete.

Impact 6005 comes in a variety of package sizes. Contact RBP – Customer Support for more information or a sample.