IciMedias Goes Live on AdWorks Ad Management Solution

March 9, 2018

Article by: News-Net

March 7 2018- News-Net Inc. is pleased to announce that iciMedias has selected AdWorks advertising management solution as a preferable software to manage operations of all 21 weeklies based in Quebec. All publications went live on AdWorks within six weeks making the transition successful for the newspaper group.

“The management of a newspaper s operations is complex today. AdWorks does the job at a very reasonable price efficiently with modern tools for our customers and all our services ” says Renel Bouchard President of iciMedias Inc.

The installation of AdWorks 5.6 was selected to modernize the operations process improve the print sales process and leverage live reporting to maximize team workflow. IciMedias has implemented AdWorks for advertising management customer and order management billing and accounts receivable as well as reporting for all the company’s publications. The centralization of information on AdWorks allows the various publications to integrate and share information across the business and to provide reliable service to customers.

“Publications across the US and Canada leave millions on the table by being inefficient. That’s why we listened to our customers needs and made AdWorks 5.6 the most powerful solution available for newspapers and publications ” says Melissa Stolarz Business Analyst at News-Net.

AdWorks is designed to bring an intuitive workflow to each newspaper which is why it was a simple decision for iciMedias to integrate AdWorks with MyAdflow self-service portal. The combination of solutions provides a seamless workflow between sales and production across the entire group. MyAdlow self-service portal also provides a supportive customer experience for advertisers.

“It’s wonderful to see the initiative and innovation that is taken by iciMedias they have been a great partner to work with. We’ve helped them create an innovative sustainable service that supports their role in today’s community media ” says Khymn Glover Managing Director at News-Net.

About AdWorks
AdWorks is designed to bring an intuitive workflow to each newspaper. AdWorks is compatible with MediaCRM MyAdflow Adobe InDesign and PAGE director series.

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