Hyper-local DirektPress preparing for growth using Roxen Editorial Portal

June 19, 2013

Article by: Roxen Internet Software

DirektPress one of Sweden’s largest publishers of local free sheets moves its 19 publications to Roxen Editorial Portal. DirektPress focuses on local news and advertisers and today has a circulation of nearly 1 million for its weekly newspapers.

The shift to Roxen Editorial Portal is the result of a comprehensive evaluation of all leading editorial systems available. In addition to an RFI-process where systems were evaluated using more than 100 key criteria systems have also been tested in production at a number of newspapers. Roxen Editorial Portal came out first in DirektPress’ evaluation and is now to be taken into use at all 19 newspapers throughout Sweden.

– Our aim was to find a new modern tool that could help us free time to focus on the local editorial content in our papers. Roxen Editorial Portal is an efficient easy-to-use editorial tool that our more than 50 journalists will like learn and adopt quickly. With a large number of parallel productions we need to have a good overview and also improve the efficiency of our editorial processes by automating recurring and common content says Roland Tipner CEO and owner of the DirektPress Group.

DirektPress focuses on what is going on in its readers’ neighborhoods. The newspapers are distributed before the weekend to its readers’ homes or newspaper racks in strategic locations. Surveys have shown that the newspapers are saved and re-read many times which ensures local advertisers high figures for effective reach.

– A modern editorial system is key to our continued growth and we intend to complement our owned newspapers with local franchises. Speed and local presence is essential when setting up a new newspaper thus we need to be able to quickly create editorial setups that allow us to focus on local content automation of the work involving joint and recurring content as well as efficient integration with our systems for managing advertisers says Roland Tipner.

DirektPress will be running Roxen Editorial Portal as a local cloud solution i.e. a setup where Roxen hosts manages monitors and upgrades the software. The benefits to DirektPress are full flexibility in terms of number of users access to the latest program versions and no need to manage the hardware involved.

– Local newspapers are definitely pushing their positions ahead. They offer local news that is requested and relevant for readers and advertisers alike. By introducing Roxen Editorial Portal DirektPress is supported in their growth and can continue focusing on the local journalism that makes them unique says Per Östlund CEO of Roxen.

For more information contact:
Per Östlund CEO Roxen
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Roland Tipner CEO DirektPress
e-mail: roland.tipner@direktpress.se
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