How newspapers can generate easy revenue through article plaques

November 6, 2008

Article by: American Plaque

American Plaque: Generating Revenue for Newspapers

American Plaque is pleased to announce it has become a PAGE Cooperative valued resource supplier.

Newspapers partnering with American Plaque have seen a significant rise in revenues. Articles business reviews photos announcements and anything else that adds to a reader s "15 minutes of fame" can be plaqued.

Plaquing is a scientific process that seals preserves and displays cherished articles and photographs on a beautifully prepared hardwood backing.

Currently readers are paying good money to plaque your articles at local trophy shops. That revenue could just as well go into your pockets. American Plaque allows you to keep that revenue.

Making American plaque your in-house plaquing service is a convenient way to add a valuable service to your readers and generate significant additional income for your paper.

American plaque offers a turnkey process at no cost or risk to you. There are no start up fees or minimums. We work off your already existing assets and provide another venue to display your paper s good name.

American Plaques are the best way to preserve and display all your paper documents. These are the finest hand made newspaper article/ photo plaques available on the market. Our plaques are mounted on a real hardwood backing not particle board. They will represent your paper well for many years.

To get started and set up your free account email or call American Plaque today at 310-474-1880