Herald-Review Updates Color Quality and Efficiency

June 11, 2019

Article by: Fusion Systems International

In 2015 the Herald-Review in Sierra Vista AZ began the process of taking on production responsibilities for several regional Wick Communications publications as well as a list of other commercial publication clients. To better meet increased production demands and gain greater efficiency they installed advanced publication prepress automation from Fusion Systems International.

Recently the Herald-Review completed significant software upgrades as covered by their standard software maintenance warranties from Fusion Systems. This resulted in even greater production automation along with enhanced color management and ink optimization superior color reproduction and a myriad of other new features and capabilities.

Strong reactions were immediate from the press crew upon the first run. Operators were quick to comment on how clean and more vibrant colors looked; and how photos and graphics displayed greater definition and clarity.

Dean Kinney Production Manager at the Herald Review remarked “Color accuracy and image detail especially in shadow and highlight areas was noticeably improved” remarked Dean Kinney Production Manager at the Herald Review.

Fusion Systems’ web-based prepress workflow automates the broadest range of manual tasks to accelerate production reduce errors and minimize operator touch points.

“The Fusion workflow provides all the automation and functionality we need” comments Kinney. “Our advertisers and commercial accounts really value the level of quality and consistency we are able to deliver. “And hitting color quickly on every job is a huge cost savings for us.”
The browser-based Fusion prepress workflow incorporates advanced automation for most every task from file retrieval routing sorting detailed preflighting and file correction superior color management and ink optimization imposition digital press registration ink-key presetting and load-balancing out to multiple CTP lines.

The result is faster job turnaround faster make-ready higher quality color reproduction and consistency across every publication produced.

About Sierra Vista Herald Review

The Herald Review located in Sierra Vista AZ is part of the publishing network of Wick Communications Inc. a privately owned media conglomerate with 27 newspapers and 18 specialty publications in 11 states. The Herald Review’s production facility prints several dailies and multiple regional weeklies as well as specialty publications and other
commercial work. Combined markets covered include the entire southern Arizona market.

For more information see
wickcommunications.com/arm and myheraldreview.com

About Fusion Systems International
Fusion Systems International a division of Color Technology Inc. of Vancouver WA is a leading independent developer of prepress workflow solutions for publication printers and the graphic arts industry. Since 1997 Fusion Systems International has specializing in prepress software and hardware integration to streamline and automate prepress
workflow processes.

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