Growing Recruitment Advertising in a Bad Economy-What Recruitment…..Are you nuts?

July 22, 2009

Article by: RealMatch (The Job Network)

Growing Recruitment Advertising in a Bad Economy
What Recruitment…..Are you nuts?

Maybe your response is the same one I have heard from some newspaper folks when I mention that there are opportunities to grow your recruitment business even in this economy. There are people who made money in the great depression. It’s all about knowing what to do and when. Remember your sports coach….it’s all about timing.
That is true in business as well!

There are fewer jobs available but a look at any of the major job boards will reveal that there are still lots of jobs out there but fewer are finding their way into local newspapers as employers have migrated to the Web. The big employers often say the local paper can not fill my positions for me and they go to the big job boards.

But let’s dream a little. Just suppose you could provide the same or better results than the major job boards and suppose you could do it at a lower price. Then imagine that you could tell employers that you can save them hours and possibally days in the hiring process by grading and ranking all their applicants and quickly presenting the top most qualified to them. Then you tell them that you’ll even allow them to post as many jobs to your Web site for FREE and only pay if and when they get good quality results. Oh and by the way…let’s really dream now….just suppose you could offer them applicant tracking and HR management tools that some big advertisers want.

Since we are dreaming why not wish that your local Chamber of Commerce local colleges trade schools and universities would become your partners and help you grow your recruitment business.

And then just dream what it would be like if those big advertisers who never spend their recruitment dollars with you start placing all their recruitment advertising with you.
Even in a bad economy you go to your publisher and say our recruitment business is growing! “Wake up” you scream!

No you are not dreaming…it is happing today for papers using The Job Network.
Just ask Della Hemphill at Star Community Newspapers in Plano TX. She dreamed a little and went to the city of Allen TX gave them a free 30 day online only ad and now the city places their open positions on the paper’s Web site with a very very nice profit margin I might add!

So strop dreaming and contact Kevin Hoppes VP Sales & Marketing for The Job Network at 570-497-5762 or by E-mail at to learn more about how we can help you to grow your business!