Google Confirms Mobile-Friendly Sites Great For Reputation Management

October 29, 2012

Article by: VendAsta Technologies Inc.

In a recent post on their Mobile Ads Blog Google emphasized the importance of mobile friendly sites for businesses wanting to give their customers the best browsing experience possible. Their nifty new study found that 67% of people were more likely to buy a product or service from a mobile-friendly site and 61% were likely to leave the site if it was not mobile friendly.

What does that mean for Reputation Management?

According to Google: "It turns out that you can lose more than the sale with a bad mobile experience. A site that s not designed for mobile can leave users feeling downright frustrated and these negative reactions translate directly to the brands themselves."

You re preaching to the choir Google. When we developed our Sites product we immediately saw how it fit into our Reputation Management platform as a whole. Others were confused. They understood how Reputation Intelligence Brand Analytics Concierge and Social Marketing worked strategically but Sites seemed like the one product that stuck out. Now Google s stats have our back and surprise surprise we were right all along. There are a lot of interesting figures in the study but if you re pressed for time here are some highlights:

  • 48% of users say they feel frustrated and annoyed when they get to a site that’s not mobile-friendly
  • 52% of users said that a bad mobile experience made them less likely to engage with a company
  • 79% of people who don’t like what they find on one site will go back and search for another site
  • 50% of people said that even if they like a business they will use them less often if the website isn’t mobile-friendly

If you aren t convinced yet that mobile sites are a massive opportunity then you might want to get your temperature checked. SMBs are in need of sites that are built for today s mobile technology and our platform ticks every box on Google s best practices check-list (easily navigable buttons key information brought to the front optimized for local search etc.). To learn more visit our Sites information page.