GoalGetters Fulfillment Service: How it Works and What it Looks Like

June 15, 2020

Article by: GOALGetters Rewards for Audience & Retention

Goal Getters logo

Reader Rewards Cards: 9 local offers, all free, use up to 4X each, total of 36 rewards, good for up to 13 months, credit card stock just like your American Express card, able to personalize with subscriber’s name and member since date.

Consumer marketing applications:

  • Kiosk – rewards
  • Other pressure channels – rewards (outbound telemarketing, reverse telemarketing, direct         mail, email marketing, SC FSIs)
  •  New Subscriber Onboarding (GoalGetters fulfills or you fulfill yourself)
  •  Clear cellophane envelope from GoalGetters
  •  Surprise & Delight – for us with “at-risk” subscribers
  •  EZ Pay conversion reward
  •  Reward new e-newsletter signups/opt-ins with a Reader Rewards Card
  •  Use in your grace retention channel
  •  All-new restaurant carry-out, curbside, and home delivery Reader Rewards Card
  •  Digital All Access Activation – reward your Boomers and America’s Greatest Generation when they activate their print account
  •  Monthly Giveaways- give away ten cards every month. Do a random drawing based on the number of articles viewed each month. The more a subscriber reads, the better his or her chance of winning!
  •  Credit Card Expiration Rewards – use in your credit card recovery funnel/journey