GateHouse Media to use SAXOTECH to Manage Print and Digital Content Across Publishing Platforms

February 28, 2012

Article by: SAXOTECH Inc.

Tampa Fla. — February 28 2012 — SAXOTECH a leader in content management circulation and advertising technology today announced GateHouse Media Inc. (GateHouse Media) has selected the SAXOTECH Mediaware Center and SAXOTECH Online for greater workflow management and multi-channel publishing across its 79 dailies 261 weeklies and more than 390 locally-focused websites.

Implementing SAXOTECH’s cloud publishing solutions will greatly enhance the efficiency of the newsroom by integrating print and digital publishing. The improved workflow and sharing of information across all GateHouse Media publications should lead to increased audience and digital offerings. SAXOTECH’s managed hosting in the cloud will power the newspapers’ websites ensuring uninterrupted access to news and information that is published by its editorial staff. By migrating to a fully managed Web services platform the dailies will be able to publish content remotely 24/7 creating a more mobile workforce and giving its editorial staff the freedom and flexibility to focus on content and deliver more timely news.

“We were looking for a flexible system and an established company that would allow us to efficiently manage all of our content in the same system while continuing to evolve our digital offerings " said Michael E. Reed chief executive officer of GateHouse Media. "We selected SAXOTECH because of its ability to provide versatile and advanced publishing tools needed to produce multi-media content efficiently across all of our news products. Utilizing a centralized publishing solution GateHouse Media will be able to deliver more targeted and relevant multi-channel content to a larger audience. Managing content — both print and online — in a single system across GateHouse Media’s many newsrooms will allow us to grow content on a regional and national scale more efficiently.”

David Arkin vice president of content and audience of GateHouse Media added "We believe SAXOTECH will enable our news organizations to dedicate more time toward creating and delivering the best possible content for our readers. SAXOTECH’s integrated digital and print publishing solutions are key to implementing our recently announced central production desks which will enable our newsrooms to focus on high-quality enterprise reporting and unique digital content. In addition we are rolling out a host of digital solutions this year that will be enhanced by SAXOTECH’s deep toolkit."

GateHouse Media recently announced plans to launch two national central production desks this year. All GateHouse Media newspapers with a circulation of 5 000 and above will be designed in Rockford Ill. and smaller newspapers will be copy edited and designed in Framingham Mass. Although the local copy editing and pagination duties will be handled out of the centralized locations local newsgathering and decision making will continue to take place at the local level at the respective GateHouse Media properties.

"Gatehouse Media is a very forward-thinking and innovative news organization and we are excited to be a part of their continued growth " said Anders Christiansen chief executive officer SAXOTECH. "Their move to a centralized newsroom will improve business continuity across all of their newspaper properties while still empowering each publisher to produce quality news products their readers have come to enjoy and expect."

About GateHouse Media Inc.
GateHouse Media Inc. headquartered in Fairport New York is one of the largest publishers of locally based print and online media in the United States as measured by its 79 daily publications. GateHouse Media currently serves local audiences of approximately 10 million per week across 21 states through hundreds of community publications and local websites. GateHouse Media is traded in the over-the-counter market under the symbol “GHSE.”

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