Gallup-Independent Selects NewsXtreme LITE for Production Workflow

March 24, 2008

Article by: Presteligence Inc.

Gallup-Independent in New Mexico recently tapped the CTP Alliance with Presteligence and Southern Lithoplate.

Presteligence’s NewsXtreme production workflow system will replace Gallup’s existing MaxWorkflow/RIP solution. They initially wanted a simple Rip upgrade; however upon further discussion Gallup identified a few new desired features that would help to speed up production and cut down on mistakes.

“After seeing a demonstration of NewsXtreme Andy Sanville IT and I felt that NewsXtreme would be easily understood by all involved in the production end on things. At times because of scheduling vacation or sickness we have to shift people around so the ease of operation becomes very critical for us ” says Mark Vincent Pressroom Superintendent of Gallup Independent.

Besides total automation NewsXtreme will give Gallup the added flexibility of approving or rejecting pages or plates through soft proofing. “Having the ability to soft proof was an important feature for us as we moved to CTP ” said Vincent “Soft proofing in NewsXtreme will help to reduce wasted plates.”

Gallup Independent will also be taking advantage of NewsXtreme’s Fan Out for web growth reduction. They produce a fair amount of color commercial work and get very close when running a 24 inch web but wanted more "help" when running a 34 inch web on their Goss Magnum press. The idea of digitally resolving their web growth issues with NewsXtreme’s Fan-Out presented itself as a key selling point. “We felt for the cost it would be an extremely cost effective way to address this issue ” says Vincent. It will diminish the several costly occasions they’ve experienced of re-stripping and re-plating as a result of poor registration.

The 16 616 circulation paper purchased 1 Screen CTP unit and will continue to use their existing imager as a backup.

About Presteligence:
Presteligence is an industry leading software developer and service provider specializing in solutions for newspapers. We offer a suite of hosted advertising self service solutions color-calibrated hard and soft proofing systems production workflow systems and interactive multimedia services. We have been servicing our customers since 1990 and have over 450 installations extending across five continents.