Funny Or Die Expands its Comedy Empire with Technical Assistance from MEI

March 15, 2012

Article by: Managing Editor Inc.

New iPad magazine ‘The Occasional’ launched with Adobe DPS

Jenkintown PA (March 14 2012) — The Internet comedy juggernaut that is Funny Or Die has a new interactive iPad magazine — and MEI helped.

“The Occasional ” available now by single issue or subscription on the iTunes Newsstand expands the Funny Or Die brand with magazine-style original content multimedia games and other interactive components. The app was built using the Adobe® Digital Publishing Suite™ the preeminent solution for Adobe InDesign®-based tablet publishing.

Nate Maggio Funny Or Die senior designer and art director for “The Occasional ” worked with MEI to learn advanced techniques of designing and publishing with the Adobe suite.

“For making an iPad magazine DPS just seemed like the obvious way to go ” Maggio said. “All the design elements and interactive tools are in there plus it gives you a lot of flexibility in how you source and manage content.”

“To give them a jump start we trained Nate and his team on the DPS tools in InDesign ” said MEI Creative Director Will Steuber. “Then along the way we helped them push the standard toolset to create some well funny interactive treatments.” (An MEI specialist also did HTML 5 development on the interactive “Kidz Korrall” feature “Hippos: Warlords of the Wild.” But it was all Funny Or Die’s idea. Really.)

With more than 25 pieces of original content “The Occasional” is a magazine not simply to be read but experienced. Features include celebrity interviews political commentary movie reviews and plenty of new comedic twists on conventional magazine themes such as “Who Wore it Better ” and a children’s audio book “Who’s Hollering for Harry” with sound effects by Marc Maron. There is also an exclusive episode of Funny Or Die’s award-winning series “Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis.” Contributors to “The Occasional” include Funny Or Die co-founder Adam McKay Tom Lennon and Jon Daly among others.

“Comedy comes in different shapes and sizes and through this medium our creative team came up with truly innovative content that is a great addition to the Funny Or Die universe ” said Funny Or Die CEO Dick Glover. “It’s funny for fans users readers and whoever else goes to the App Store.”

“The Occasional” is available for $3.99 per issue $1.99 per every-other-month issue with an automatically renewing subscription or $9.99 a year. To learn more visit:

To learn more about our work with “The Occasional” and other Adobe DPS projects visit MEI at the Publishing Business Expo in New York March 19-20 or online at

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