Fujifilm Supports Newspapers Sustainability

May 12, 2009

Fujifilm Graphic Systems USA Inc. continues to demonstrate Fujifilm’s commitment to the newspaper business and the environment with the announcement of three new plate products to its Brillia family line-up.

Ecomaxx-T is a true “no-process” thermal technology which completely eliminates the effluent required by other platemaking systems. “No-process” also eliminates an investment in processing equipment reduces space required for a platemaking system and the operator burden for equipment maintenance. Ecomaxx-T runs at the same production speeds as conventional thermal plates and supports run lengths of up to 100 000 impressions.

The violet counterpart to Ecomaxx-T is Ecomaxx-VN which is scheduled for availability in late 2009. Ecomaxx-VN significantly reduces the total effluent required by violet platemaking features long-run durability for demanding newspaper applications and supports run lengths of over 200 000 impressions.

LH-NN2 is an addition to Fujifilm’s line of newspaper plates and is designed for publishers who need a thermal plate compatible with the 830nm infrared laser. LH-NN2 is a high speed photopolymer negative-working CTP plate which supports run lengths of 300 000 impressions.
While each of the plates in the Fujifilm Brillia family has different capabilities all of them deliver superior results – better consistency sharper dots faster make-readies and the smallest environmental footprint available on the market today.

For more information contact Lane Palmer at 636-346-3074 or by e-mail at lpalmer@fujifilmgs.com.