Facebook Unveils New Vehicle Catalogs For Auto Dealers

March 28, 2018

Article by: MotoMiner

In January 2018 Facebook released a new vertical of its Dynamic Ads Platform for Autos—Vehicle Catalogs—following suit with custom ad products developed for industries like Travel and Real Estate. These ads have custom creative formats and automotive-specific data models that help filter vehicles featured to users in Facebook Ads. You can still use the older Product Catalogs but targeting with Vehicle Catalogs will be far superior due to significantly more data points on each vehicle including vehicle color fuel type etc.

Ad delivery with Vehicle Catalogs is also optimized versus generic Product Catalogs. Dynamic Ads automatically match vehicles with users most likely to be interested in those vehicles via Retargeting and/or showing website inventory matching the user s interests. This solution shows compelling and relevant inventory to a highly qualified audience of in-market and near-market auto buyers.

Vehicle Catalogs are ready TODAY for MotoMiner s partners and dealer advertisers. If early metrics are any indication this solution will have a huge impact on ad delivery and results. One current advertiser that switched to Vehicle Catalogs has seen click-through rates on retargeting ads jump from about 4% to more than 10%.

Page Cooperative members are invited to learn more about MotoMiner s solution for Dynamic Facebook Inventory Ads for Autos in our "How To Rev Up Revenue From Auto Dealers with Facebook Ads" webinar on April 19 2018. It will be an informative webinar suitable for Sales Managers/Reps Digital/Marketing staff and others that answers the question "How do generate new revenue from local car dealers?"