Exclusive Free trial: Revenue-generating Horoscopes

April 16, 2009

Article by: Theme Crosswords

Myles Mellor Syndicate is offering PAGE members an exclusive FREE trial of his latest entertainment feature – Horoscope columns. These columns are written by a renowned Astrologist and are geared to provide your publication with a brand new revenue-generating stream at no cost to you.

Free horoscopes have proven to be a great way to attract readers and with these horoscopes offering text-message updates which allow subscribers to get daily weekly or monthly updates they become even more worthwhile. Value-added services are also incorporated with the free horoscopes. Readers who double opt-in to receive the value-added services will be billed monthly and your publication will receive 50% of all revenues generated for the lifetime of the member s subscription.

Benefits to your publication include: receiving the Horoscope columns from a creditable and proven source at NO cost to you receiving 50% of all immediate and residual subscriber revenues and all back-end customer care inquiries are handled for you. A great addition to any publication.

Apply by May 31st 2009 to take advantage of this great revenue-generating offer. Myles can be reached through his website at http://www.themecrosswords.com/contact.html or by phone at 818-522-4126.