Evergreen Printing Company Choose Technique MIS

April 4, 2011

Article by: Technique Inc.

Evergreen Printing Company (New Jersey US) choose Technique MIS applications to improve efficiency. Evergreen is an award-winning publication printer specializing in the production of daily weekly and monthly newspapers and magazines. After 10 years with a previous system Evergreen’s senior management identified the need to improve internal systems in order to maintain its position as one of the top printers in the country. Evergreen chose Technique’s integrated suite of applications to streamline its operations increase productivity and drive growth.

“It was vital that our chosen Print MIS help us grow the business without the need to add more people or other costs. Technique does all this right out of the box ” states Carmen Pinto President of Evergreen Printing. “Technique understands the challenges we face as both a heat-set and cold-set publication printer. The Print MIS software is a great fit and will certainly reduce administration streamline our whole workflow and help us to better serve our customers.”

“We offer a wide array of services to our customers—much more than just print—so we needed a very powerful and easy-to-use production scheduling tool to improve efficiencies ” states Steve Weissman Evergreen’s Vice President of Production. “Technique was the natural choice. The Print Scheduling system is connected to Estimating Order Management and Inventory so I always know exactly where we are. When things change I can see the most cost effective response and distribute the new plan in seconds.”

“Evergreen is considered to be one the leading heatset and coldset printers in the United States and Technique MIS is the ideal choice for their business operations. The return on investment will be rapid.” Chris Wood President of Technique Inc.