Enterprise 7 Released

January 11, 2010

Article by: WoodWing – The Americas

Enterprise 7 Released
Enterprise 7 further strengthens WoodWing s position in the publishing industry.

WoodWing Enterprise 7 publishing system
WoodWing has released its Enterprise 7 Publishing System. Unveiled and demoed during IFRA 2009 Enterprise 7 comes with a myriad of improvements for magazine newspaper book and corporate publishers.

Ready to handle any publishing process
“With Enterprise 7 we can help any company that is dealing with a publishing process ” Hans Janssen CEO at WoodWing explains. "Traditionally our products are used at publishing houses but we also experience a strong growth in the fields of corporate and marketing communications. The need for outputting content to various media channels efficiently and cost-effectively — often with reduced staff numbers; is a strong motivation for customers to start using our solutions. Improved quality security and accountability is another objective. The versatility of our solutions allows us to serve all these different customers without compromises."

The Enterprise 7 publishing system is being backed by new versions of Content Station — WoodWing s multichannel publishing tool for content producers; and the Smart Connection plug-ins for Adobe InDesign and InCopy. Focus for the version 7 release has been on new Search 2.0 functionality refinement of cross-media and social media publishing as well as usability improvements and extended platform support.

Content Station
“Content Station has been designed to play a pivotal role in the publishing process ” Erik Schut President of WoodWing Software explains. "The editorial staff often burdened with a manifold of systems to get content published to both print and online channels experiences Content Station as a relief. All relevant activities — planning gathering selecting and editing content as well as managing and publishing content to multiple online and offline channels are performed using Content Station only. The revamped user-interface in version 7 makes that even easier than before."

Publishing to Web and Social Media
Enterprise s out-of-the-box integration with the Drupal open-source Web CMS has been enhanced and additional integrations have been developed to make publishing to social media networks such as Twitter Facebook and Flickr easy and efficient. Many other integrations exist so connecting new publication channels to Enterprise 7 is no problem.

Search 2.0
Users of Content Station 7 now also have access to Search 2.0 options. When running a search results are classified for easy filtering helping the user to find the relevant content with minimum effort while saving time.

“Apart from being a production and workflow system Enterprise often also acts as a Content Management System. With the ever growing number of digital assets in CMSes in general having access to advanced search methods is a must ” Erik Schut states. "The new Search 2.0 provides just that. At IFRA we also showcased an integration with visual search technology from Imprezzeo allowing users to search for more-like-this ; images. It s this kind of features that really help today’s content producers"

Parallel workflow
The parallel workflow advantage — a key feature of the Enterprise publishing system — is being supported by updated versions of the Smart Connection Plug-ins providing a streamlined integration with Adobe InDesign and InCopy.

Designers and editors have direct access to content in the Enterprise repository from within their trusted Adobe applications. Supported by powerful workflow options users can work simultaneously on layout and text and communicate using sticky notes and comments. In the background Enterprise keeps track of versions and takes care of production security.

"We realize that print is still extremely important" Erik Schut continues. "This release of our Plug-ins again contains a lot of user feedback. I dare to state WoodWing offers the best Adobe integration of all publishing systems on the market."

Latest Technology
Enterprise 7 is ready to support all latest platforms including Windows Server 2008 and Windows 7 Mac OS 10.6; Snow Leopard and Adobe CS4. The memory footprint of Enterprise has been reduced and the server performance has increased.

For more information please visit Enterprise publishing system pages.
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