Enfocus announces PitStop Connect 10

May 18, 2011

Article by: Enfocus Software

Enfocus is proud to announce PitStop Connect 10 an application that connects printers and publishers with their customers ensuring hassle-free file delivery and PDF quality control. By eliminating errors and streamlining the production process users can save time cut costs reduce stress and improve customer satisfaction. New to PitStop Connect 10 is automatic updating of Connectors secure file transfer and personalized service by using intelligent metadata through enhanced Switch 10 support.

PitStop Connect 10 allows printers and publishers to easily create and distribute Connectors i.e. small desktop applets onto which customers drag and drop files. It offers a single gateway for file transmission that can be made more predictable using Enfocus’ bulletproof PDF preflighting and correction technology within a Connector. Issues such as missing fonts and low-resolution images are detected and if possible even corrected automatically.

Customized metadata fields can be set through integration with Switch and can be used automatically for routing and processing decisions thereafter. Using Connectors significantly reduces job cycle times and costs and makes file delivery a hassle-free process.

PitStop Connect 10 will be released during Q2 2011. For more information please visit www.enfocus.com/product.php?id=6435