eLocal Listing Offers Online Small Business Video Marketing Product

March 11, 2008

Article by: Search Initiatives LLC & eLocal Listing

Temecula CA — January 28 2008 — eLocal Listing is pleased to announce that it has launched eLocal Video a custom made business video that enhances a business listing and increases their online presence.

In a continued effort to provide leading edge Search solutions to our customers eLocal Listing is offering a personalized business video as part of our http://www.elocallisting.com [local internet marketing] campaign. With Google’s acquisition of YouTube™ and a shift by major Search Engines to blended search the addition of video marketing is advantageous to our customers and ensures that our mission of bringing value to our customers by driving business to them through local search is met. While content is still “king” major Search Engines are fast recognizing the importance of video and are now incorporating a media-rich blend of images maps local results and video on their results pages.

With the launch of eLocal Video eLocal Listing now makes it possible for small businesses to leverage the power of video by including an eLocal video on their http://www.elocalprofiles.com [eLocal Business Profile] and by submitting it to YouTube® Google™ Video and Yahoo!™ Video.

Steve Espinosa Director of Product Development shares his excitement for this new feature “In light of Yahoo!™ and Google s™ adoption of blended search results combined with an increased inclusion of video in results pages the time was right to add online video to our current local search suite. eLocal is excited to help business owners take advantage of this online marketing strategy. With the addition of an eLocal Video small businesses can now compete with the larger advertisers in the local Search arena. Since the first of the year we have conducted both alpha and beta testing on this new offering with amazing results. We look forward to adding eLocal Video to our search engine marketing feature set we offer to our customers.”

Tim Judd CEO and President of eLocal Listing adds “We are very excited to be launching an online video marketing product that fits the budget of small businesses. Video marketing is exploding and will soon be the most popular online marketing strategy. eLocal Listing is ahead of the curve in delivering this product to our customer base and helping them increase their online presence. While your high school English teacher may not be happy to hear this recent surveys estimate that the vast majority of all people would rather watch a video about a company than read content about that same company. So why not give them what they are looking for; a video but not just any video a video that is compelling enough to capture and keep a customers attention. We believe that an eLocal Video does just that. They are professionally crafted and designed for the most widely searched business categories. They last about 20 seconds and include all the information that is needed to turn a search into a sale.”

More information is available on the http://www.elocaldevblog.com [eLocal Listing Blog] or you can visit our website at www.elocallisting.com or call 877-240-0436 to find out how an eLocal Video can improve your online presence.

About eLocal Listing:
eLocal Listing is a wholly owned subsidiary of Search Initiatives LLC and is located in Temecula CA. eLocal specializes in managing internet marketing campaigns for small and medium sized businesses. The company has over 130 employees and currently thousands of customers who take advantage of eLocal Listing’s expertise in Search Engine Optimization and internet search marketing.