Efficiency & Clarity are Key When it Comes to D-O-P

June 8, 2017

Article by: Presstek (Anocoil)

In order to truly streamline plate production greater efficiency is a must. At Presstek which acquired Anocoil in 2016 we make it our mission to develop technologies that remove complexities from the print production process while providing the highest print quality possible. Thermal plates that have “Develop-On-Press” or “No-Process” characteristics are gaining momentum because it is simply the most efficient way to make plates. Once imaged hang them on press and the press takes care of the rest.

Presstek’s GemPlate Newz is the industry’s leading D-O-P (develop-on-press) plate. Our R&D scientists continue to improve the plate design and we are proud to announce the latest version of GemPlate Newz unequivocally has the highest contrast level in the industry making inspection and punching a breeze. GemPlate Newz can be punched on most optical punch and benders without costly infrared camera upgrades improving press placement identification and making ink presets easier.

Pressman agree that efficiency and clarity is key when it comes to D-O-P plate technology and that’s why GemPlate Newz is the ultimate plate choice for efficiency-conscious production managers.

Learn more about the unique properties of GemPlate Newz and request plate samples: Contact Pat Kilgallon at pkilgallon@presstek.com or call 860-250-2618.