Editor&Publisher magazine to offer its first Electronic Edition via a partnership with Pressmart Media

July 14, 2008

Article by: Pressmart Media Ltd.

Editor&Publisher magazine to offer its first Electronic Edition via a partnership with Pressmart Media

New York N.Y.; July 14th 2008 –
Editor & Publisher magazine (www.editorandpublisher ) today signed an agreement with Pressmart Media Ltd. (www.pressmart.net) to provide a digital same-as-print electronic edition of the newspaper publishing industry’s leading trade publication.

In a joint statement E&P Publisher Chas McKeown said “the Pressmart state-of-the-art solution will provide our readership access to Editor & Publisher on multiple digital distribution channels including eEditions; Podcasts; Mobile devices and eArchives.”

“We are very excited by E&P’s choice of Pressmart as their new media delivery partner. E&P had a choice of vendors and chose Pressmart’s best-of-breed solution ” commented Myles M. Fuchs President of Pressmart Media Ltd.

About Editor&Publisher
Editor & Publisher is the authoritative journal covering all aspects of the North American newspaper industry including business newsroom advertising circulation marketing technology online and syndicates.

Based in New York City the magazine dates back to 1884 when The Journalist a weekly was founded. E&P was launched in 1901 and merged with The Journalist in 1907. E&P later acquired Newspaperdom a trade journal for the newspaper industry that started in 1892. In 1927 E&P merged with another trade paper The Fourth Estate. In January 2004 E&P switched from weekly to monthly publication while revamping its Web site to offer more breaking news and content on a daily basis.

E&P Online (www.editorandpublisher.com) offers breaking news free to all visitors in our Top Stories section. Each week selected proprietary stories from E&P staff are made available free to all visitors but the majority of our analysis industry news features columns and trends are restricted to E&P subscribers.

About Pressmart
Pressmart ( www.pressmart.net ) is a New Media Delivery Partner of leading newspapers and magazines delivering same-as-print content on multiple distribution channels including the Web (as a print-replica ePaper edition) Mobile RSS Podcasts Blogs Social Networking Sites Article Directories Search Engines and eArchives. Pressmart has digitized over 400 years’ worth of newspapers magazines and journals.

Media Contacts:
E&P: Chas McKeown – (646) 654-5120
Pressmart: Myles M. Fuchs – (949) 395-7560