Eastern Capital Holdings: Insuring PAGE’s Future

June 15, 2020

Article by: Eastern Capital Holdings (ECH)

Eastern Capital Holdings (ECH) has served as PAGE’s exclusive advisor for the PAGE Accounts Receivable Insurance Program for the past 23 years. ECH structured the Coface/PAGE Member Program to maximize the buying power of PAGE Members while providing PAGE with credit insurance protection of its receivables portfolio.

ECH provides its corporate clients with a variety of services. Eastern Corporate Finance serves as advisors to business mergers and acquisitions, restructurings, refinancings and divestitures, as well as providing strategic financial planning. ECH’s Remington Group serves as business risk management advisors to its clients. Business succession, continuity and wealth transfer programs are offered as well. Personal insurance offerings are offered through forty-two different insurance companies, providing clients with every possible option available in the marketplace. Eastern Financial Group (EFG) maintains a network of entities that provide comprehensive investment and wealth management services to individuals and it serves as advisors to corporate pension plans, endowments and charitable organizations.

ECH, founded in 1994, has 130 employees located in representative offices across the nation. For additional information regarding ECH, please contact Randall A. Feild, CEO of Eastern Capital Holdings at 412-221-8350 or e-mail at raffeild@cs.com.