Eagle Web Press Installs Second Prime UV Curing System on new Web Press Corporation QuadStack

March 26, 2008

Article by: Prime UV Systems

Eagle Web Press located in Salem Oregon recently installed a Prime UV Curing System on their new Web Press Corporation QuadStack. The UV process is not new to Eagle Web Press and UV printing has become a key part of their product mix. Eagle Web first equipped their Goss 4-High with Prime UV in August of 2004. Eagle Web has been UV printing on coated SCA and newsprint to produce vibrant 4-color catalogs brochures saddle-stitched books telephone books college class schedules magazines and small digest books for 4 years.

With this new UV installation paired with Eagle Web’s Goss SSC Newspaper Press equipped with Prime UV in 2004 Mike Connor Plant Manager describes how the additional UV tower has expanded his UV capabilities “We now can run two UV units between two folders with the ability to take two webs to either folder or one web to each allowing us to run two different UV jobs at the same time.”

Mike details the expanded stocks the Prime UV system and UV process allows Eagle Web to print “we run 32# Hi-Brite 50# Book Stock 35# Calendered Sheet 40 60 and 80# Coated on both the Goss UV tower and WPC UV QuadStack to produce our covers inserts tabloids and mailers.

David Samide marketing manager of Prime UV explains “Prime UV has recently equipped over 80 4-High towers worldwide and Eagle Web Press was one of the first coldset web printers to adopt the UV process. The quality of work printed at Eagle Web Press is outstanding and is proof to the benefits the UV process has to offer traditional coldset web newspaper printers.”

Samide adds “UV printing eliminates any offsetting problems as traditional newspaper inks especially with heavy ink coverage offset onto opposite pages of the printed work and cause blurring and smudging.” “Prime UV is also a ‘green technology’ – providing the coldset web newspaper printer with a drying system that is recommended by the EPA as BACT (Best Available Control Technology). The UV process does not release any harmful VOC’s into the pressroom or the surrounding environment.”

When compared to heatset ovens the Prime UV curing system eliminates natural gas and maintenance expenses as well as permitting issues associated with gas dryers. Installed after the last print units to cure both sides of the printed web the Prime UV curing system requires only two to five feet in the web direction saving 40% of press space requirements of a heatset oven catalytic converter afterburner and chill stand.

Prime UV’s processors are exceptionally reliable rigorously tested to ensure superior performance and manufactured in the USA at Prime UV Headquarters 416 Mission Street Carol Stream IL 60188.

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