Digital First Media Selects SAXOTECH s Scalable Print and Digital Publishing Solutions to Drive MediaNews Group s Audience Growth and Revenue

July 31, 2012

Tampa Fla. – July 31 2012 – SAXOTECH a leader in content management circulation and advertising technology today announced Digital First Media which manages MediaNews Group has selected SAXOTECH Online and the SAXOTECH Mediaware Center to drive both audience and sales beyond its market borders. The media company will initially rollout the multi-channel solutions hosted in the SAXOTECH Cloud to 30 California one Texas and five New Mexico properties with additional properties located in eight states throughout the U.S. to be brought on in the near future.

As one of the most competitive and innovative media companies in the country Digital First Media’s footprint includes more than 800 robust multi-platform products that reach more than 57 million Americans each month.

"This is a natural next step for us to take from implementation and integration to training and usability " said Bob Mason chief technology officer Digital First Media. "By utilizing SAXOTECH we will no longer have disparate systems to support and all of our users can operate from a common platform as they plan and publish."

The SAXOTECH Mediaware Center and SAXOTECH Online will enable MediaNews Group to achieve a higher level of efficiency within its newsrooms. More than 850 users will utilize the integrated multi-channel workflow and content management platform to efficiently produce and share news reducing time spent on publishing and reallocating resources to content generation. Content will be shared to multiple print and digital channels to increase coverage and to provide more original local content – creating new products and driving audience growth. The ability to scale these channels across the media company s properties will expand the company’s portfolio and create new partnership opportunities.

"Our Digital First initiative requires news and information to be shared to multiple content verticals in order for us to be able to create new products and grow our audience base " said Mr. Mason. "The Cloud-based SAXOTECH solutions give us the ability to scale these channels across all properties and create self-standing content arms that will expand our company’s portfolio creating new revenue opportunities."

Utilizing SAXOTECH s managed hosting in the cloud will enable Digital First Media to provide its growing audience of online news consumers with best-of-class website response time enhanced functionality and improved audience user experience. SAXOTECH’s managed hosting will ensure uninterrupted access to news and information that is published by its editorial staff. By migrating to a fully managed Web services platform users will be able to publish content remotely 24/7 creating a more mobile workforce and giving editorial staff the freedom and flexibility to focus on content and deliver more timely news.

"Our focus has been to provide newspapers and media companies with the ability to reduce time spent on publishing to multiple channels and instead focus resources on creating compelling content and providing value for readers and advertisers " said Anders Christiansen chief executive officer SAXOTECH. "We take great pride in giving Digital First Media the tools to grow and the ability to communicate effectively with millions of customers and hundreds of communities."

By further leveraging SAXOTECH s infrastructure Digital First Media – which selected SAXOTECH for Journal Register Company in January 2011 – will have greater publishing power and the flexibility to scale content creation across multiple verticals create new products and grow their audience reach.

About Digital First Media
Digital First Media ( is headquartered in New York City and jointly manages MediaNews Group and Journal Register Company. Digital First Media reaches 57 million Americans each month through more than 800 multi-platform products across 18 states.

About MediaNews Group Inc.
MediaNews Group Inc. ( is the nation’s second largest newspaper company as measured by circulation with headquarters in Denver Colorado. MediaNews Group and its affiliated companies publish 57 daily newspapers and more than 100 non-daily publications in 11 states.

About Journal Register Company
Journal Register Company is a leader in local news and information in 10 states. The Company’s more than 350 multi-platform products reach an audience of 21 million people each month. For more information visit the company website at

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