Coface: Don’t Leave Your Biggest Asset Unprotected

June 15, 2020

Article by: Coface North America

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Did you know that accounts receivable can represent 40 to 70% of a company’s assets? Most companies insure their machinery, staff or buildings but not always what will bring them cash flow: their accounts receivable.

Credit insurance can help you safeguard this valuable asset and protect your future revenues.

A credit insurance policy covers the unpaid credit balance from sales made to your customers. Whether you choose to protect your domestic or export business, you are able to minimize the risks associated with a customer’s insolvency or delayed payment.

The benefits of credit insurance include:

  • Protection against insolvencies
  • Reducing the risk of non-payment
  • Safer business growth: potential to increase sales by extending more credit and by being more flexible with credit terms
  • Better borrowing position: lenders and financial institutions look favorably on insured receivables
  • Additional credit information resources about customers and prospects

Coface has served proudly as the provider of accounts receivables insurance for PAGE CO-OP for over 16 years. For more information on how Coface can help protect your accounts receivable, please visit the Coface Preferred Supplier web-page or contact Philip Bray at 212-560-0403 or