Celsius Technology Group Webinar: The Universal Platform that s Redefining Publishing

July 26, 2011

August 10 2011 1:00 pm EDT
The Celsius universal Platform enables any publisher to participate in the new content economy by publishing content on any topic in any format (text video audio and images) to any medium and generate revenue by connecting that content to consumers partners and advertisers.

Join us as we demonstrate the possibilities that exist for traditional publishing organizations to streamline newsroom operations build readership and realize additional revenue through the use of directories advertising sponsored links and more.

Celsius “Publisher” is a web-based open-platform content creation and distribution system that creates a universal content community allowing organizations to harness large amounts of data for both print and online vehicles. There is no software or applications required other than a web browser to use Celsius “Publisher.” Everything is hosted on Celsius Technology Group servers and accessed over the web via a web browser