Caspio Releases Charts for Easy Data Visualization and Dynamic Dashboards Without Coding

September 3, 2010

Article by: Caspio Inc.

Caspio Inc. ( the leading online database platform today announced the immediate availability of its new chart applications providing users with an easy way to create visually exciting web-based charts and dashboards for any database. Caspio’s new chart applications are ideal for organizations looking for a simple way to publish useful visual reports on their own website helping users efficiently understand and explore large data sets.

Caspio’s intuitive step-by-step wizards enable anyone to quickly generate visually-stunning charts and graphs achieving a new level of business intelligence by combining the powerful data search customizable reporting and advanced publishing capabilities already built into the Caspio platform.

Caspio’s unique seamless app deployment allows users to easily embed multiple charts on the same web page to create dynamic dashboards with rich database features such as ad hoc search filtering controls record drill-down and data download. Unlike other charting solutions the charts are fully compatible with any web page blog content management system or mobile site and specifically do not utilize Adobe Flash in order to support iPhone and iPad devices.
Chart Application Features Include:

– Various chart types including line bar pie spline column and step

– Data aggregation support for sum average counts min/max and more

– Customizable chart labels grouping and rollover data tip

– Professional and customizable styling

– Support for large databases securely hosted by Caspio

– Charts embeddable to any website

– Support for iPhone iPad Android and other mobile platforms

"The new charting features in Caspio allowed me to create a trend-line chart with little effort " said Earnest Hart Assistant Managing Editor of the Clarion-Ledger in Jackson Mississippi. "And being able to incorporate an image in the chart helped with the presentation."

A leading force in the cloud computing industry Caspio now powers over 400 000 applications for thousands of customers such as Deloitte Whirlpool American Management Association USPS Reebok ESPN the Washington Post Los Angeles Times and The New York Times Company. Due to the efficiencies gained by using Caspio’s platform-as-a-service Fortune 500 companies government agencies universities and over 80 percent of the largest U.S. newspaper websites are able to eliminate infrastructure investments and long application development cycles.

The charts feature is available now at no additional charge. Small-business packages start at $39.95 per month and include unlimited app users. Start today with a free 14-day trial at