Capturing More Recruitment Advertising Revenue

April 30, 2008

Article by: RealMatch (The Job Network)

In spite of economic uncertainty there are indications that recruitment advertising may remain strong as the first wave of boomers exit the labor market. What is certain is the way companies recruit will continue to change. Positions left open by retiring boomers may be difficult to fill and employers will be under pressure to find qualified candidates. What you do today could have a dramatic impact on how much of the recruitment advertising pie you get in the future.

Recruiters are migrating away from the big job boards because they get inundated by unqualified applicants according to a recently released report by Borrell Associates titled “2008 Online Recruitment Advertising”. This trend will only accelerate as more employers migrate to job sites that provide better results. This could be a real opportunity for newspapers if they make the right moves now!

Where will these companies go who are dissatisfied? They are going to go to job sites that can provide them with more qualified candidates and less clutter. They want to save time and quickly find the best most qualified candidates and that is exactly why Business Week Magazine said The Job Network’s matching technology is “Scary Competition for Monster” and Borrell Associates said “This is a brilliant approach- an E-Harmony for job seekers”. Newspapers working with The Job Network have the next generation of technology and can provide exactly what recruiters are demanding. This puts them in a position to capture a bigger piece of the recruitment spending pie maybe even taking dollars away from the big boards like Monster and CareerBuilder.

Another advantage local papers can offer is that recruiters can now make one buy with their local paper get one bill and receive as much exposure as the employer needs through the local newspaper Web site The Job Network national network of almost 800 newspapers and through the special relationship The Job Network has with Hot Jobs. Your advertisers don’t need to go anywhere else. You can now provide everything they want get them as much exposure as they want cut down on the glut of unqualified applicants which is driving them from the big job boards and most importantly provide them with the qualified candidates Borrell Associates says they will increasingly demand.

Newspapers able to provide higher quality matching and better qualified candidates will be in the best possible position to aggressively capture some of these dissatisfied recruiters and their dollars.

The Job Network is the only company providing this cutting edge technology which helped earn The South Bend Tribune the SNA award for the best recruitment Web site.

“We are constantly developing new programs to respond to market place needs that put newspapers in a winning position with advertisers by providing valued time saving services advertisers increasingly demand while helping newspapers find new ways to generate revenue.” said Kevin Hoppes Vice President of Sales and Marketing for The Job Network.

The Job Network has also just launched a revolutionary new way to help newspapers generate revenue with a pay-for-performance and pay-per-resume model.
There is nothing else like this in the market place today.

The key to increasing your recruitment advertising dollars is to providing your advertisers with what they want good qualified applicants tools to save them time in the hiring process tools that will grade and rank the applicants provide services that will be so valuable to advertisers that it makes them want to do more business with you getting them the exposure they need whether it is local regional or national providing a way to easily make one buy provide one bill regardless of if they buy print online and or Hot Jobs and promoting the fact that you really can be their one stop shop to meeting all their recruiting needs.

Here’s what some of The Job Network customers have to say:

“The Job Network has given us a suite of products that allow us to compete on a level before unthought-of. The Job Network offers a great product with support that is very attentive to our unique needs. I would suggest The Job Network to anyone looking to bring their recruitment advertising to the next level. It’s worked GREAT for us.”

It has boosted Classified and Display Employment revenue considerably. Both advertisers and job seekers are using the system more than anyone could have expected.

Jeff Purcell Webmaster
The Lewiston Tribune & The Moscow-Pullman Daily News &

I was speaking to our internet Director and he said that after 12 years we finally have a home run with The Job Network.

As a classified manager sometimes we have customers who say they do not feel they get good value from their recruitment classified ads. After we explain how job matching works they are pleased with the great added value they receive from and express how they will use our classifieds for other recruitment needs in the future.

Dave Newman Classified Advertising Manager
The Standard-Examiner Odgon UT

When David Benoy the advertising director from The Decatur Daily in Decatur AL did his budget projections he estimated The Job Network would make him a sizable amount of new revenue. After only a short time David said he was exceeding his monthly budget projections by 5%. He said most classified managers he has talked to are singing the blues because of declining revenues while The Job Network has increased his.

For more information please contact Kevin Hoppes Vice President of Sales & Marketing for The Job Network via phone at 570-497-5762 or E-Mail