Canon Communications Augments Anygraaf Installation

June 11, 2009

Article by: Anygraaf USA Inc.

FREDERICK MD — June 11 2009 — Multimedia communications company Canon Communications Inc. expanded its Anygraaf installation with the implementation of the Doris32 content management and publishing production system.

The installation of Doris serves as the content management system for Canon Communication’s 18 magazines and facilitates an Adobe® InCopy®/InDesign® workflow. The system also integrates with an existing installation of Anygraaf’s Planner edition management and ad layout system.

The Doris32 system includes integrated archiving and management for many document types including articles images pages and graphics as well as audio and video clips. Doris32 is a multi-channel production system allowing for a write once publish many environment letting users easily and effortlessly manage content for print and electronic media at the same time.

Planner provides the advertising department the means to plan each publication while placing display ads either manually or automatically. Departments have the means to reserve ad space as well as track the status of ads as they move through the production process. At the same time the production department has the ability to monitor the overall production status of each publication on a continuous basis.

Canon originally installed Anygraaf’s Planner edition management and ad layout system in order to automate the ad layout for all of its publications. A year later the company chose to expand the Anygraaf installation and add Anygraaf’s content management solution. Doris newsletter production image management peer-review management and archiving have also been implemented with this installation.

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About Canon Communications LLC
Canon Communications LLC is a leading publisher trade show producer and digital media company serving advanced technology-based manufacturing industries including medical manufacturing general design microelectronics pharmaceutical and packaging industries. Canon produces industry directories medical device engineering and design awards and internet sites as well as publishes 18 trade magazines and produces numerous national and international trade shows. Canon was founded in 1978 as a single magazine publishing firm and has grown into the diversified multimedia communications company it is today.

About Anygraaf
Anygraaf Oy is the Finnish developer of asset management and publishing production systems. Founded in 1996 Anygraaf Oy maintains offices in Helsinki and Turku Finland and provides sales service and support through its Swedish subsidiary Anygraaf Ab. Resellers in Germany and the Netherlands provide additional sales and support services. There are approximately 8000 licensed users of Anygraaf products in more than 125 organizations throughout Europe.

Anygraaf USA Inc. is the North American agent for the Finnish software firm Anygraaf Oy providing sales services and support for the complete line of Anygraaf products.

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