binuscan PDF Server Testimonial

November 29, 2007

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GSI is experiencing continued success with the installation and implementation of binuscan s ink optimization system: PDF Server

We currently have 7 installations in Central America alone and are making our way up into the U.S.

PDF Server has provided customers with the best ink savings numbers in the industry along with the best quality.

See below what Nuestro Diario Guatemala is saying about this new product:

"The way we measure ink consumption is impressions (pages) per pound of CMYK ink knowing that each one has a different rate each month and each year.

First let me give you some numbers about our Newspaper: Nuestro Diario.

We are a 48 pages tabloid with full color impression in the whole product–you can see it at–our circulation is around 300 000 copies and is a one copy sell business from Monday to Sunday. Our biggest circulation day is on Mondays and it can be of 64 pages maximum but sometimes we can exceed that number.

We print the newspaper in two runs most of the time using 5 GOSS Community Presses with three towers on each printing line. The press is an open fountain ink press and we use a sock roller system for the dampening system.

When we measure our ink we usually run a three day test. The first day we usually try the ink to see if the mechanical properties are suited for our press calibration then the second day we run a GATF test form to compare the reproduction and finally the third day we print around 50 000 copies with one supplier. Then in the exact same tower we run another 50 000 copies with another ink supplier. We leave the registration and adjustments out of the test and we weight how many pounds each color we have consumed as well as the differences in color reproduction.

Everyday we know exactly how many pages we have printed in our five lines it is possible that the amount of each color in the whole product will not be exactly as the day before but over the years we have reached some ranges for each independent color. Our consumption was 15 000 pounds of ink for each color including the Black before we tested the binuscan PDF Server solution.

After a 30 day trial we could measure the differences below:

– The Open fountain keys moved 15 degrees closer to 0.

– The consumption of the Black ink increased 12% to 16%.

– The consumption of the Cyan and Magenta inks that were supposed to decrease by 30% ended at -50%.

– The consumption of the Yellow ink decreased by less than 30%.

– The reproduction with a better Water-Ink balance gave us a waste reduction in the start ups. We couldn’t measure the results because we changed the way we used to do business but we were used to do 2 to 3 first runs of different sections and we started to do 8 different sections. The waste almost hit the same amount of pounds per day even though we increased production volume.

– The quality of the ads is better and specially the ones with photographs with a high contrast are represented better in the printed newspaper. The paper looks cleaner and we have almost no rub.

– With the new mix that the software gave us for color reproduction we have reached after three months a savings that is up to $100 000 USD. We did a ROI for 4 months and we recovered the investment in less time.

If you need further information please don’t hesitate and contact us we are pleased to fill all doubts about this matter.

Best regards

Carlos Marroquin
Diarios Modernos S.A.
Guatemala City Guatemala"