Better news from NORPAC

May 12, 2017

Article by: NORPAC

Dear Valued Customer
After eight difficult days we have some good news to report.

A combination of enormous creativity from our production team and excellent cooperation with Nippon Dynawave (they own and operate the effluent treatment plan) allowed us to keep one of our paper machines running throughout this effluent plant crisis. As of today we’re restarting a second paper machine and plans are to have our third paper machine back on line by Saturday.

We have prioritized the most urgent customer orders as we ramp up production. Your customer service representative and sales manager will continue to be in touch with you to ensure we understand and meet your most critical needs. As you can imagine it will take
several weeks before production scheduling and deliveries normalize. We will work hard to keep you informed so you have the best data to make good decisions for your business.

The experts tell us the effluent treatment plant is recovering nicely and becoming more robust each day. We’re looking forward to steady and consistent production for the rest of the year and beyond!

Output from our new cut-size sheeter was unaffected by these events. We will increase volumes from the sheeter over the coming weeks and months as demand for Orca and Natural Choice copy papers continues to grow!

And finally on behalf of all the employees at NORPAC I want to thank you for your patience and loyalty as we’ve worked through these significant production issues. We look forward to
having positive discussions with you about the second half of 2017.

L. Thomas Crowley
Vice President Sales and Marketing