Better Chemistry = Better Coldset Printing

May 29, 2019

Article by: RBP Chemical Technology Inc.

Brighter more vibrant colors in coldset printing applications? It’s possible with LIQUID GOLD 290 from RBP Chemical Technology. This mildly acidic fountain concentrate was specifically developed to enhance the color brilliance while fighting blanket buildup and piling – the leading causes of duller print images ghosting scumming and ink going where it doesn’t belong.

LIQUID GOLD 290 contains additives that provide excellent densities of the non-image area and reduced water settings. By adding just 1.5 ounces of LIQUID GOLD 290 per gallon you will increase the water conductivity – making it easier to dose and monitor fountain solutions.
The result is cleaner print which makes customers happy and less paper waste due to print quality issues which makes the boss happy.

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