Bee Publishing Company Selects Celsius Technology Group Open Platform Publishing Solution for its Weeklies

April 12, 2012

Article by: Celsius Technology Group LLC

Falmouth ME (April 6 2012) — Celsius Technology Group a leader in open platform multichannel publishing solutions for the print media industry announced today that Bee Publishing Company has selected its Publisher open platform solution to provide an integrated hosted web and print solution for its two Connecticut-based publications. The Newtown Bee is a weekly publication serving the town of Newtown and surrounding communities of Fairfield Connecticut. Antiques and the Arts Weekly is the nation’s leading weekly antiques journal and is known as "the bible for the antiques industry" by its subscribers.

“We were looking for a system with the flexibility and features to handle the varied components of our editorial offerings while keeping the familiar feel of a hometown newspaper ” said Editor Curtiss Clark. “We expect that the Celsius open platform will provide the agility and performance we are looking for to offer our customers a rewarding experience.”

Celsius Publisher is a robust content management workflow and publishing platform providing a consolidated solution for organizations that publish to print web and mobile devices. The open platform supports streaming video audio polls photo galleries social media a search feature and mobile formats opening up new revenue channels for publishers. “We look forward to working with The Bee Publishing Company ” said Celsius President David Costello. “We are confident that our system provides the sophistication needed to support their existing functionality and enable new offerings and revenue streams with the efficiency of a well-built system.

Celsius Pipeline
Accompanying Publisher is a companion system known as Pipeline which provides a platform for sharing news stories photos audio video and other relevant content from participating news organizations content creators blogs and other content-sharing networks. Additionally members can search and download content from Pipeline to use in their own web and print publications.

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