Base-Line Inc. Announces Joint Venture with Xerox

August 11, 2010

Article by: GraphLine Inc.

Shelton CT– August 2010 – Base-Line Inc. today announced a joint venture with Xerox Corporation for the development of Base-Line’s Legend Series 7000 (TM) processor for polyester laser plates.

“Since HP has vacated the market their 5000 series is no longer available. It took over a year and a half to develop our Legend Series processor with Xerox and we’re confident that it will lead the way for all laser plate users in North America and the world ” said Howard E. Harper president and chief executive officer of Base-Line.

The Legend Series (TM) 7000 program will be available to key Base-Line dealers throughout North America beginning August 15 2010.

“Working with Base-Line was the best way to reach the graphic arts community as Base-Line certainly has the best dealer network in the market ” said Bill Longobardi of Xerox.

For information please contact customer service at either 800.872.0075 or