Böttcher N-1004 G Mild Acid Fountain Solution & Molex

July 8, 2008

Article by: Bottcher America

Böttcher America is pleased to offer our Mild Acid Fountain Solution "N-1004 G" to all Page members. Newspapers worldwide are discovering advantages in using Böttcher’s N-1004 G everyday. IFRA announced the 2008-2010 International Color Quality Club Winners (see attached file) and Böttcher is a valued vendor in the majority of the shops.

A few of the most common advantages with the N-1004 G experienced in the field regardless if you are currently using a Mild Acid or Neutral are:

1. Superior Print Quality.
2. Start-up Waste Reduction on both hot and cold presses!
3. Water Reduction which is extremely important for running light weight paper stock!
4. Less Misting.
5. Reduction in Blanket Piling.

Böttcher’s R&D engineered a “MOLEX” to work in conjunction with the N-1004 G for use in pressrooms battling bacteria issues in their re-circulating fountain solution systems. The Molex incorporates a Titanium Electrode which is installed in the re-circulating tanks that reduces and eventually eliminates free particles from the system. Please find product literature in the attached files.

To schedule a trial of the N-1004 G please call 1-800-637-8120 and ask for your local representative.