Arkansas Democrat-Gazette Purchase NewsXtreme

October 10, 2007

Article by: Presteligence Inc.

October 10 2007 – (North Canton OH) – Arkansas Democrat-Gazette Paducah Sun and Durham Herald Sun have purchased NewsXtreme for their production workflow software.

NewsXtreme two Harlequin Low-Resolution RIPs and Blackmagic are slated for installation next week in Arkansas. Democrat-Gazette has maintained a tight relationship with Presteligence for many years as they have been running GUSS to manage their film workflow.

Arkansas has learned the value in the quality of products and support infrastructure of Presteligence. As they move to CTP it was important for them to capitalize on that relationship.

NewsXtreme will allow Arkansas to automate page pairing preflighting and reporting creating a streamlined and efficient workflow. The preflight will automatically correct incoming files for Arkansas such as hair-line correction RGB to CMYK conversion font embedding and automatic black overprint among other actions. It also handles PDF creation and page-splitting.

As part of the Southern Lithoplate CTP Alliance Paducah Sun and Durham Herald Sun tapped NewsXtreme for their workflows. Both newspapers are part of Paxton Media Group. Like Arkansas they will employ NewsXtreme’s preflight software to manage incoming files.

Durham will take advantage of NewsXtreme’s file routing with Blackmagic and Xtreme Inking. The system will push the files to Blackmagic for color calibrated hard copy proofing and to Xtreme Inking for ink presetting. Xtreme Inking will auto-calculate the ink density values from Durham’s plate images and send the information to their press.

NewsXtreme will also import Durham’s ALS file to automate their scheduling process and plan production for all their products.

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