Aragon Unveils Cost Savings Monitor for Production

February 16, 2009

Article by: Aragon System Products

Aragon System Products (ASP) will show its new Production Monitor Display at Media X-Change(NEXPO) in March. The displays show real time production with a "system integrity" bar that indicates production is meeting counts needed. These low cost displays are visible up to 100 yds so Press & Mailroom personnel can see that counts are meeting draw eliminating costly over & short runs. ROI s on the display can be gained in weeks. The display has proven invaluable in commercial print shops and has been adapted to any size newspaper that wants to monitor & ensure accurate print counts. There are various models available…..all geared to saving time AND money with your production. Either view at our booth at Media X-Change or America East or contact Aragon (888) 491-4420 for more information.