Apple Trade-In/Recycle Program Announced!

January 28, 2008

Article by: Apple

Are you currently looking for money to upgrade your technology and are concerned about the recycling costs of older computer equipment? If so the Apple Trade-In program can help on both accounts.

Executives and IT professionals must balance capital investment costs and productivity gains. Those that seek to obtain residual value from used technology equipment should explore Apple’s Trade-In Program. The Trade-In Program is designed to address another step of obsolescence management: responsibly disposing of used technology while ensuring that any value is recovered for new replacements. The Trade-In Program is well-suited for use within a broader financial plan for technology management. However it is also an excellent choice for businesses that need to discard old equipment and do so in accordance with local state or federal laws. All data drives are either shredded or scrubbed to federal standards to ensure data security — a very real concern for companies with sensitive records.

Apple’s Trade-in and Recycling Program allows you to maximize your investment on Apple’s products upgrade to the latest Leopard platforms and also address critical issues of technology disposal. The guiding principles of our trade-in and recycling program are:

• maintaining the privacy of your company’s data
• making technology disposal easy for you
• guarding against harmful working conditions.
• protecting the environment from toxic materials.
• recycling of machines are all done in North America – not exported for recycling.

If you have older Macs PCs and other working computer equipment why not trade that equipment in either for new Apple equipment or for money back towards your bottom line? For more information on this offer please contact us to learn more!

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Ben Livesay