Apple s Final Cut Server Released: Meet your new production assistant!

April 8, 2008

Final Cut Server helps any production workgroup — from a two-person boutique to a global news operation — work smoothly and efficiently. It offers media asset management and workflow automation software that streamlines production work through:

– Lightning-fast access to media resources with built-in version management
– Automated workflows with email notifications and review/approval mechanisms
– Complete flexibility to customize and use as many or as few features as you want to fit your workflow

Automatic asset cataloging.

Final Cut Server automatically catalogs production assets in the locations you specify — complete with metadata in a range of industry-standard formats. It also creates any necessary proxies thumbnails and poster frames. Users can safely add modify or delete assets directly on drives and volumes without having to use the client software.

Rapid search preview and access.

Work at blazing speeds with easy-to-use metadata tools personalized workspaces and production "containers" that allow any user to create special-purpose collections of assets — such as scripts budgets graphics and rough cuts — without copying files.

Workflow automation tools.

Set up schedules or triggers for automated events in minutes. Get started quickly with workflow templates or create custom setups with a series of simple menu selections.

Intuitive collaboration features.

Project check-in/check-out options intelligent version management review and approval tools and a cross-platform client make it easy for multiple users to work on a single production.

Seamless multiformat delivery.

Deliver projects at top quality in a range of formats — from H.264 for iPhone and the web to ProRes 422 for editing to 2K for digital intermediates — thanks to pristine encoding and frame conversions powered by Compressor.

Flexible configuration options.

Small facilities can be up and running quickly with easy installation and setup tools while larger shops can tap into a rich set of advanced features to configure sophisticated facility-wide or cross-facility systems.

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