Anygraaf Aids in Newspaper Restructuring

May 28, 2009

Article by: Anygraaf USA Inc.

VANTAA FINLAND — May 27 2009 — Three Finnish regional daily newspapers Karjalainen Keskisuomalainen and Savon Sanomat recently completed publication redesign and newsroom workflow reorganization at each location. Anygraaf’s All Media Publishing solutions provide the publications increased efficiency enhanced content sharing tools and allow more time to focus on content.

Each site enhanced its current installation of Anygraaf’s Doris32 content management and publishing production system with Anygraaf’s Automated Content and Design Controller as well as the Job and Shift assignment planning tools. Karjalainen also implemented Anygraaf’s AProfit ad system and ePlanner website management system.

Workflow and edition management for the publications was reorganized and made more efficient with Anygraaf’s content and design management software. The new workflow processes allow editors to choose from predefined article and page layouts and assign stories to layouts early in the production process. The Automated Content and Design Controller helps speed page production and enforce common layout principles thereby providing quicker easier page changes and libraries which aid in editorial planning. Implemented procedures allow for less time planning each day’s paper and afford more time to focus on the quality of the publication’s contents. Assignment planning and staff management through Job and Shift help editors easily manage budgets and staff schedules so as to better plan content coverage and sharing.

The common goal for the restructuring project was to ease and strengthen the exchange of information within each publication. In the process each publication switched from QuarkXpress® to Adobe® InDesign® for its page layout redesigned the newspaper’s layout and reorganized workflow.

According to Ms. Riitta Raatikainen project coordinator from Savon Sanomat the project was completed fairly easily. She states that each regional publication was able to maintain its own identity yet centralize production and material management thus making workflow more efficient.

Anygraaf’s Automated Content and Design Controller moves page design from Adobe InDesign or QuarkXpress to Anygraaf’s Planner edition management system thus allowing content editors to plan page layouts visually assign and fit stories and quickly adjust whole layouts as news changes throughout the day. Once a page is completed and opened content automatically flows to its assigned space.

The ePlanner website management system integrates with the Doris32 content management and publishing production system to automatically build and maintain a publication’s website with a write-once publish-many workflow. ePlanner offers a visual interface through which web pages are defined and planned and content is automatically extracted from the Doris32 system for formatting and placement. Additionally ePlanner offers tools for article and freestanding comment forums polls galleries archive searches blogs and multimedia presentations.

Job and Shift offer assignment management and shift scheduling using an integrated set of tools which allow manages to consolidate news budgeting staff availability and long-term planning to a common device.

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About Keskisuomalainen Oy
Keskisuomalainen Oy began publishing in 1871. The first edition of their flagship publication Keskisuomalainen was published in 1917. Since that time they have become a major publishing house and now have 4 large regional newspapers which publish 6-7 days per week 16 local newspapers which publish 1-3 days per week and 3 weekly city magazines. All of Keskisuomalainen Oy’s publications currently use Anygraaf’s Doris32 publishing production software.

About Karjalainen
Karjalainen is the leading newspaper in the North Karelia region of Finland. They have a current circulation of just over 47 000 and publish 7 days per week.

About Anygraaf
Anygraaf Oy is the Finnish developer of asset management and publishing production systems. Founded in 1996 Anygraaf Oy maintains offices in Helsinki and Turku Finland and provides sales service and support through its Swedish subsidiary Anygraaf Ab. Resellers in Germany Denmark and Norway provide additional sales and support services. There are approximately 8000 licensed users of Anygraaf products in more than 125 organizations throughout Europe.

Anygraaf USA Inc. is the North American agent for the Finnish software firm Anygraaf Oy providing sales services and support for the complete line of Anygraaf products.

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Erin Flynn
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