American Legion Recommends Enterprise 7

March 24, 2010

Article by: WoodWing – The Americas

It s ‘The Right Tool for delivering multimedia content.

DETROIT Michigan (February 25 2010) – The American Legion – the well-respected organization that serves wartime veterans of the U.S. armed forces – has selected WoodWing Software s Enterprise 7 publishing system to replace its Vjoon K4 installation saying it s the ideal system for its multimedia approach to content delivery.

"We are using Enterprise to deliver the American Legion message through multiple media channels including our national magazine leadership newspaper Web site social media and blogs " said Jeff Stoffer editor of the American Legion magazine. "Rather than look at our work from a ‘publication perspective we are now looking at it from a message perspective. Enterprise is the right tool for that philosophy."

Aysling Digital Media Solutions a WoodWing Gold Partner handled the installation. With a circulation of about 2.5 million the American Legion Magazine is one of the 20 or so largest magazines in the U.S. Stoffer said the staff at the magazine was particularly impressed with Enterprise s "campaign approach to content planning production and distribution."

"Our organization has a complex assortment of programs and events some of which can be put on a calendar some of which cannot " Stoffer said. "The campaign approach allows us the flexibility to handle various types of information – whether it s for a single story in the magazine or a year-long program of media support for a major Legion program – easily and effectively."

Shawn Duffy the Managing Director at WoodWing USA said he s pleased to have the American Legion join the WoodWing family. "This is one of the biggest and most well-respected publications in the country " Duffy said. "Aysling did a tremendous job with the installation and made sure that all of the American Legion s needs were met."

Patrick Becker President of Aysling Digital Media Solutions is confident that Enterprise will meet and exceed the American Legion s expectations. "They ve taken their operation to the next level in terms of delivering content to their members in every possible way – print online social media " Becker said. "They ve seen the way in which Enterprise can save them time and money and make the entire process much more efficient."

Stoffer meanwhile is looking forward to utilizing everything that Enterprise has to offer. "Our publication went from print-centric to a multimedia platform that needs to integrate video photography Web modules galleries social media and other forms of electronic messaging along with our print flagship product " he said. "The direct-publish feature of Enterprise is a big advantage when you are challenged to produce media intra-daily and frequently."

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