AIM Group works with Wave2 Media clients

September 15, 2009

Article by: AIM Group

The AIM Group will offer launch support and training to Wave2 Media Solutions clients who purchase the iPublish AdPortal industry leading self-service ad creation system.

The launch support program will help new Wave2 Media Solutions clients market the self-service option target potential accounts set up procedures and pricing and help drive sales and acquire new advertisers.

"The sales and interactive media experience offered by the AIM Group will help our customers see a quicker return on their investment once they’ve deployed AdPortal " said Brian Gorman vice president of sales for Wave2 Media Solutions LLC. "The launch support program will help them maximize our industry leading solution for creating advertisements."

AIM Group will offer several levels of customized launch support ranging from a one-day series of meetings with key executives and managers to a full week of training with sales executives and special "kick-off" presentations for advertisers. The program will also introduce clients to the best practices of companies already using iPublish AdPortal.

"Allowing advertisers to create and submit their own ads helps newspapers grow their advertiser base as well as revenue " said Peter M. Zollman founding principal of the AIM Group. "But it s important to create a good experience for advertisers by keeping the process simple and by making sure real people are available to help and follow-up."

The launch support program is an option being presented to purchasers of iPublish AdPortal and Wave2 Media Solutions is providing information about it to all of its prospective customers.