AGFA Product Update – Introducing :Alliance HNS Recording Film

October 7, 2009

Article by: ECO3

Agfa is pleased to announce our new :Alliance HNS red laser diode recording film which will replace our current HN film. New HNS is a high sensitive film offering wide development and exposure latitude. This is a benefit for a marketplace using older imagesetters.


:Alliance HNS provides wide exposure and developing latitude plus stable processing and low chemistry consumption. This offers increased productivity less remakes and improved consistency.

HNS is more sensitive than HN an asset in newspapers using aging imagesetters with decreasing light intensity.

HNS film is compatible with current HN chemicals and processing conditions. There is no need to modify any processing parameters

The sharpness and overall quality of the new :Alliance HNS film is equal to HN

For further assistance or questions please call:

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