Agfa Graphics Introduces Subscription Program for Ink Savings Software

November 9, 2009

Article by: Agfa Graphics

Agfa Graphics recognizes that reducing costs is of paramount importance to PAGE members than ever before. So we are introducing a subscription program allowing you to reduce your ink costs with Agfa’s OptiInk Software and NO upfront investment.

What is OptiInk?

OptiInk software is proven Agfa technology guaranteed to provide you with savings of up to 30% or more on your ink costs. You will additionally enjoy faster press start-up and drying times reduced ink and paper waste reduced set-off and fan-out reduced visible effects of mis-registration and eliminate quality problems with dark graphic elements.

Why is Agfa OptiInk unique?

OptiInk will deliver maximum ongoing savings beyond conventional GCR (Grey Component Replacement) solutions. Agfa’s patented Smart Input Space Recognition Software ensures pages designed for commercial print industry will meet newspaper s press and quality requirements automatically by intelligent management of embedded profiles.

What is the Agfa guarantee?

We will save you at least 50% more in ink costs than any competitive Ink savings software based on a RIP plug in feature.

How will you benefit from the subscription program?

• Stay up-to-date: Get the latest product enhancements and major software releases — all inclusive.
• Stay protected: During the term of your subscription agreement you have guaranteed access to new software upgrades.
• Stay cost-effective: With a 3 year subscription plan Agfa can help you plan for the future while saving you money compared to repeat purchases of new software or individual upgrades.
• Stay ahead of the competition: Security patches and minor and maintenance software release updates are yours automatically.
• Stay in touch and be knowledgeable: You get access to the highly trained team of Agfa support personnel who are ready to help you.
• Stay ahead financially: Reap the financial benefits immediately.

What should you do?

Its SIMPLE – Just say YES. Call Shashank Munim at 631-239-1368 or email at OR your local Agfa District Sales Manager and get a one month FREE trial for any PAGE member with a 3 year contract for a low fixed monthly fee. With all things in flux these days you can cancel the contract anytime without penalties. Program ends Dec 31 2009 – so don’t delay and call NOW!!