Agfa Film Update – September 2008

September 4, 2008

Article by: ECO3

Agfa would like to take this opportunity to assure all PAGE members who have been informed regarding the exit of a film supplier from the graphics arts industry that we are committed to manufacturing and supplying the industry s premium film products at an economical price for the foreseeable future.

Silver prices have increased by more than 150% over the last 3 years but Agfa has held film prices stable for PAGE members durign that time. Now is the best time to lock in the your film prices for 2009 at .3854 cents a sq ft with Agfa and beat any price increases for the next year that can adversely impact your budgets and plans.

Agfa s Alliance and NewsFilm have great attributes listed below and are both available at the same great price.

Our popular NewsFilm is specifically designed for newspaper applications offering processing speed consistency convenience and is eco-friendly.

NewsFilm Benefits:

It s optimized emulsion and coating technology offers excellent batch-to-batch consistency. That means less time-consuming exposure tests and perfect consistent results everyday.

NewsFilm is the FASTEST film on the market with just 15 sec development time and a dry-to-dry time of 60 seconds.

NewsFilm uses 20% less developer and fixer. That means lower Chemistry costs and less spent-chemistry to be dumped.

Please contact Shashank Munim at 516-445-1101 or by email at or John Higgins @ 800-540-2432 ext 5832 to get more information on the industry s premium film and start saving immediately.