AdStrix Generates Over $65 000 In New Business From Non Advertisers In Less Than A Week For Small New England Daily

March 30, 2015

AdStrix just launched The New Britain Herald in New Britain CT. Within one week of launching AdStrix was able to generate over $65 000 in new revenue (these we non-advertisers) for this small daily in New England.

AdStrix is a program that produces outstanding results for advertisers while bring in lots of new revenue for newspapers.
AdStrix has the most revolutionary automated ad production technology along with the ability to greatly increase traffic for your local advertisers. I wanted to extend an offer to setup a short call to discuss what you are currently doing today to understand what your goals are and see if AdStrix might be a help to you in reaching your objectives.

Here’s a quick overview of AdStrix:
AdStrix a Neilson portfolio company automates the print and digital production process across all media providing a large saving on production costs and then automatically reporting the collective superior results both print and digital ads generate for local advertisers.

AdStrix outperforms for local advertisers and can prove it by combining interactive print with its automated SEO SMS social media E-mail targeted mobile membership lists directories web and mobile landing pages all automatically generated and updated in minutes for advertisers from our simple to use create-it-once-publish-to-all dashboard.

AdStrix also has the most sophisticated “Local Smart Mobile Targeting” in existence according to experts who reviewed it. AdStrix uses over 20 000 mobile sites and apps to target local people who are most likely to be interested in your advertiser’s offer and delivers superior results using over 150 demo and physiographics that make the program far superior to anything else available in the marketplace.

With AdStrix your production and management costs are greatly reduced results for advertisers are greatly enhanced and you are free to focus on what you do best….sell and make money!